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Quitting Gaming again


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Hello everyone, 

I am not going to use my real name here just my username. I am from BC, Canada. I am a father of 3 (2 adults and 1 teenager) and am married. I am over 45 years old. I made an introduction about a year ago when I first tried to quit gaming. I was also trying to quit gambling at the same time. I am currently about 11 months clean from gambling. Quitting gaming did not work at that time as it was too much to try to remain clean both from gambling and gaming. My gaming did decrease however in the beginning but I have noticed in the last few months it has increased to an unhealthy point again. So I am at the end of day #1 now. 
I plan on starting a journal on these forums  so hopefully you will see that soon. Cheers to all and good luck to all in quitting gaming. 
Have a good 2-4. 

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Welcome.  I know how you feel getting a handle on multiple destructive addictions.  When you have another vice, gaming doesn't seem that bad.  But once you have time under your belt you see it for what it is.  I'm right there with ya.

Good luck!


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