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Quitting games


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Hi all!

I have always been into gaming, at the age of 16 I decided to play less and go out more which worked for a while until my friends when I was 18 introduced me back into the world of PC gaming. I managed to finish my degree and play games but I suddenly got hooked onto minecraft last year where I played 2200+ hours over 6-8 months ignoring self-care and sleep in order to play minecraft. It quickly turned into a problem where I realised I was addicted as I developed an RSI type injury and I was forced to quit gaming. I hovered around the minecraft community until September this year when I uninstalled all my games and packed away my nintendo switch into boxes.

Since then I have tried to pick up new hobbies and get back into touch with people I used to talk to before the minecraft episode. It is going well and I go out a few times per week to do some of my social hobbies such as improv comedy and board games and just to hangout generally with my irl friends. I currently don't work due to personal reasons. 



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