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Sleepy at the lessons of university


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Our lessons at the university are 1 hour and 40 minutes .

The firsr lesson is always ok but at the middle of the second and lesson there are sleepy feeling .

There are just 20 minutes break between each lesson but i have to travel into the next lessons which are in different location .. so it takes 15 min to travel .

So i have 5 minutes left which cant be enough  to recharge my self .

There are no pauses during lessons and we sit too long without stretching .

Is there any recommendation to soöve these problems ?

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I go to a vocational school and we learnt about listening skills. Applying those skills helped me become more attentive to what people are saying. It was different from what I was doing before. Now I listen with intent, I listen to the meaning of what the other person is trying to convey. I don't get bored of conversation anymore and I could easily sit and listen for a long time if I had to. I also don't 'preload' a response to what other people are saying. Instead I listen and I react to that genuinely after they're done speaking. It's hard to explain it, maybe you could find some youtube videos about listening skills.

As for travelling between classes, my sibling (In University) learnt to skateboard so that they could get to class quicker. Might be something to consider haha. You're not supposed to skate on campus, but I think if you're quick it doesn't really matter. Especially if other people do it too, it wouldn't be a huge issue. Everyone would probs see that and easily understand that it's hard to get to class quick anyway.

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