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[SOCIAL] how to make real world friends


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well i was not able to make friends even in the games i play ! i  am very isolated and lonely . no friends no father no mother no girlfriend no party ,.  (they are alive but live in another continent) ! . anyway

how to start making friends ? should i involve my self in a group of people and say hello can we be friends ?  

the only place i visit in my life is university !

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(Disclaimer: I have no friends myself anymore. But the reason being that we were all involved in drugs and other bad things, I decided to leave that behind years ago).

I think as long as you put yourself out there, you can make friends. You can choose your friends. If you think someone looks cools or just someone in general you'd want to hang with, go talk to them.

Being at university is good enough. I don't think you'd need to force yourself to be in other activities just to make friends. If you did want to make friends elsewhere, focus on going to something you'd actually like and enjoy personally.

School/University is the best place to make friends imo. You can talk to people in your class, ppl you see a lot or ppl who're in areas you enjoy (Artroom, Music block ect.). Everyone wants friends. Most people like to have small conversations between classes, rather than just standing around and waiting.

I'd say at the moment I have no friends because I left all my old ones behind. I also study at home and have no job currently, so I don't get out as much and don't have the opportunity to do that. Social life has become a bigger goal and focus for me recently tho.

Edit: I struggled in school a lot. Talked to the teacher a bit about making friends. They laughed and said so many people in this class have had one on one conversations with them asking the exact same thing (I was pretty laidback, so it wasnt mean or anything lol). They were just amazed that ppl all want the same thing but everyone was just too shy to start a conversation.

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On 11/13/2019 at 9:26 PM, ismailkanaan said:

@TwoSidedLife thanks for your comment . i appreciate it

i have to clear my shyness and be more brave to talk to the other successful friends and make them my own friends to study together and hangout .


My advice then would be: Everyone feels anxious. Trying to shove that feeling away doesn't work. Instead if you embrace it, it can be like a source of energy. It's helped me a lot to focus on turning anxiety into excitement. It's a lot like meditation if you've ever tried it. Usefull in the sense that you can take negative feelings and use them to create good feelings/energy.

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