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Quitting Gaming - One Choose

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Hello! My name is William, 21 years old and i'm from Brazil.

Let me introduce myself and i will try to tell what is happening right now in my life and why did i want to quit gaming.

(Sorry for my english)


Have been gaming since i was 10 years old. Playing CS 1.6 till i started to play in 2015 League of legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive man... and only now i recognized what gaming have been doing in my whole life.

Right now i have a Daughter (Yes with 21 years), people are seeking me because of money and trying to kill me i have been playing everyday 12 hours per day and doing nothing about my life.

Feeling depressed with lack of motivation, empty with no purpose. 

Today i have resetted my laptop and i want to give the laptop to my mom.

But something inside me tells to not stop gaming, i really want to stop and focus on my studies to give a better future to my daughter and to be a better self reconstruct myself to be a better man a better dad and a man that my daughter in the future will have proud.

I will be happy to answer everyone.


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Hello William,

It's good that you posted and shared.  Whatever you can do to get away from gaming, do it.  Please watch Cam's videos on YouTube as well.  They are quite inspirational and cut right to the point.  I know that reading posts here can be almost overwhelming, with the amount of journal entries and posters.  Watching his videos is a quick way to remind yourself about gaming addiction and its pit-falls.  Keep in touch here, write a journal, etc. 

Best regards.

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