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What to do when sick?

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Hey guys!

My biggest problem is that when I am sick I always fall back to gaming, even after a long streak of not gaming I still fall back to gaming . Because when im sick I get really depressed and lose all motivation to do anything and it usually stays like this until i am healthy again. I am not talking about severe illnesses just like normal colds but they prevent me from working out and for some reason make me feel horrible emotionally. 

So what do you guys do when you are sick ? Or when depressed and not feeling like doing anything? 

Cheers guys

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Definitely a tough thing to deal with. 

The main thing I'd do is make sure games are as hard to reach as possible. You can't play games if you've got nothing to play, right?

Some of my go to activities if I'm really sick are:

  • reading
  • coding
  • drawing
  • watching Netflix

A lot of the time, though, when I feel just a little bit off I'll use it as an excuse to not do anything.

If you've got no chest problems you can usually work out. If you've got a cold you can still get out the house and go for a walk. 

It's easy to justify not doing anything when you get ill, but in reality your body is much stronger than you realise, so at some point you're just going to have to put up with it and go on with your life.

In terms of feeling depressed, that's a different matter. But the best thing to do is work on getting habits and systems in place so that you still take care of the important stuff even when you don't want to.

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Thanks for the reply James!

I will look more into how and when I can train when I am sick, I always kind of had this idea in my mind that my cold will get worse but maybe this is not the case!

Coding is actually also a nice idea I mean I can do it while laying in bed so I dont have to be super healthy for it.


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