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Gamer Girl

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23 hours ago, Gamer Girl said:

Should I quit gaming if i am blocking people?. I am hiding from people in real life and now I am doing it online. I just dont want to be around people at all. 

This is too vague to give you an honest opinion. I would suggest performing a self-investigation and writing it in detail in private or online here for a more accurate response. Why are you blocking people in real life? Gaming is escapism from real life for most gamers. If you find yourself doing the same habits in gaming that you do in real life then you are not dealing with your problems in real life and online.

Why do you game? I know you're blocking people, but did you game initially to find social life without the real life issues? Those same issues arise in games just as fast as real life. Is it for a hobby? Is home life difficult? Are you looking for competition in games that you don't get in life? Do you have social anxiety? If so, what is causing the social anxiety?

Take some time to answer these questions and ask yourself more questions than what I'm asking you. Take some time after that to experiment and go on a learning journey here. The goal now is to better understand yourself so you can answer the question you initially asked.

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