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And for a long time now that I no longer place on the forum, this does not mean that I fell back but on the contrary,

I go out from morning to night and when I come back I am tired and I have no time to slip. I try anyway to find some time to post my evolution in mindset, in my social interactions and in my use of time.
Then Tuesday after the evening course I went to my cousin who comes from Casablanca, we went out a bit and went to play billiards, I went out and was in a group and I understood the difference between being alone and with friends or better I remembered this feeling, at the end of the evening, my cousin asked me to talk to a girl on the street and retrieve her number, it was a challenge, a challenge to do something that I almost never did, the first step towards a better, more charismatic Mohammed, more confident than himself.
In these days I have discussed business, I am creating an online course on how to learn Italian, something really solid and even coaching to better help people who want to learn Italian, I really want to convey something solid and that really helps person and they will position me at high prices, so even if to set up this business you will take some time but at least I'll do something really good and that will last over time.
I am also looking for a solution to send money to paypal or to a bank account from morocco to Europe for an investment I'm making that will help me in my financial freedom goal.
Respawn I didn't keep reading it but I'm going through a lot of action, I'm restructuring my life, doing new activities, taking risks, giving meaning to my fucking life and you know what? I have never felt so alive and I hope you will feel this feeling because it is beautiful and all porn, web novels and games of the world can never replace a true full and happy life.

Of course, I am still very far from my goal and my dreams, but only to go out, to meet people, to talk to these people, to simply live and something extraordinary.
You know of the day in here I didn't dare talk to that girl in the street, today I launched myself, I discussed with 3 girls complimenting them and discussing a bit, I didn't take any number but I'm really happy with this step forward. No matter when I fall, I get up and do better, I'm really proud of this mindset.

I'm not sure to post anything to you but I can assure you that you will have news of me for better or for worse.
Good luck guys!

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