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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hey Guys,

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Hey Guys,

My name is Mark I'm 23 years old (Almost 24 which is terrifying) from England.

Here's a quick background:

I've been playing games as long as I can remember. I think the issue started when I was 8 where i would wait for my father to go to bed so I could sneak downstairs and turn the Sega Saturn on till the early hours. I'd then be glued to my Gameboy all day. Then the PS1 etc etc. Then PC gaming, which was the worst. World of Warcraft for 14 hours a day. I wouldn't get a job. I wouldn't eat. Sleep was a chore. Any down time would be spent reading guides. I managed to quit after realising how toxic it really is. But I haven't faired much better.

I could easily play for 14 hours straight from that point. I did manage a social life thanks to school. But any free time would be dedicated to my video games. This created issues with my relationships with girls. I'd commonly just play whilst they were around. Which thinking back couldn't have been much fun for them.

Skipping forward to now:

I've been following Cam for a while now and just want to say thank you for the help. I've tried many times to quit but always relapsed. I've been recently diagnosed with ADHD and have started medicating for it. I believe this is a factor that's made my gaming addiction worse. That need for quick measurable growth to get my (somewhat damaged) dopamine supply.

I do believe ADHD is part the reason I have trouble quitting. It's common to try something and give up fairly fast as you cannot see any progress.

I am now getting to point of self-loathing. I work a standard Mon-Fri and find myself turning up to work depressed as I have done nothing but game all weekend. My mates all play games, they get out too. But only on the weekend for drinks. So I'm mostly stuck inside after work.

I'm currently on day 2 of quitting and it's going well, I haven't been able to purchase the challenge yet due to a career change, but will ASAP.

So here's the question: Is there anything you can suggest to someone with ADHD that may assist in that need for a quick fix?

Thank you Cam for creating this website & forum I'm sure this will change many people's lives for the better, hopefully mine included.


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Hey Mark!

Welcome to the forums, happy to have you hear with us. Another from England! I think you guys might be leading the charge right now on this forum!

Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on day 2! For someone like yourself with ADHD I would absolutely recommend reading Scattered Minds by Dr. Gabor Mat

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