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I am 35 years old and had honestly not been that interested in gaming most of my life. I dabbled in playing Nintendo 64, Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Dragonvale, and a few others but non of them really stuck until I made the mistake of downloading my first mmorpg in 2017. Over the course of 2 years, I got more and more into the game and suffered financially. When the developer basically reset the whole game and made everything basically null and void I'd spent, I woke up and realized what am I doing?  Why am I spending all this money? I tried quitting a couple times since that happened and relapsed. I I kept going back because I craved not the game, but the socialization and camaraderie.  It was at the start of the winter months and I started because I was lonely and I realize now that that was not a healthy way to help with that. I stumbled across the YouTube channel of Game Quitters and realized this might be worth a shot for me. I'm excited to try and get my life back. 

My hobbies before gaming were reading, reviewing books, golfing, hiking, playing with my dogs, and exercising so I"m going to get back to those. Try and find some new avenues for socializing and some friends to golf with. 

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I am in my mid thirties also high five for the old guys club! I have a feeling once you get on the other side of that detox you are gonna thrive, best of luck. :12_slight_smile:

For your reference to help along the way here is ..
A welcoming statement :230_hatched_chick:
In preparation for a 90 day detox and beyond ..
First move the consoles & games out of sight so it stays out of mind ..
This includes uninstalling them from the computer & devices! ..
Once it is done you can move on from there & a lot easier I might add.

Getting rid of the games for good enabled me to finish the detox strong, consider that.
After that you need to teach yourself how else to spend that free time!
Make sure you are eating healthy, getting daily exercise, & proper sleep ..
NUTRITION - big minefield of controversy I personally am behind a plant-based diet ..
This upcoming documentary backed by Producers Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jackie Chan ..
Check it out ✌️ I won't respond in forum to this topic but you are welcome to message me ..
Find some hobbies to replace the time gained ..

Start some kind of journal with pen & paper, online here, or both! ..
Do consider checking out the Respawn program offered here as well ..
For what little cost think about that return on investment! ..

Cross-examine other areas in your life you find consuming your time ..
Excessive consumption is what leads to the time crippling addictions ..
Replace such excessive consumerism by using your free time to create.
Our one life, the time that we have is meant for so much more than feeding addictions ..
You might not identify as an addict and that is fine ..
If you are here for any reason to quit video games that is still a benefit to you
Thank you for signing up and joining our united cause to make the most of our time --
Give this your best and I am sure you will do well :93_punch:
Welcome to the forums!! @kis

Neil,  Ex-Gamer Addict,  Gamequitters Member :1602_bicyclist_tone3:
Direct Message Me,  Discord Support Chat

Article: How To Quit Playing Video Games :1517_runner_tone3:
Article: Four Reasons We Played Video Games
Article: Alternative Activities By Game Genre :1582_surfer_tone3:

Article: Why You Should Detox
Find a Video Game Addiction Therapist :1512_walking_tone3:
Download A Gamequitters Podcast
Read A Gamequitters Blog ?

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