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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Day 1 again!


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Well here I am again. Back down at the bottom! I went 3 days without gaming and then I relapsed that quickly. I want to do many things with my life. I start to get on track with where to start and I see I have to do a lot of things to achieve what I want. Then I look at my routine for the next day and say screw that I’m going to play games and do it later. That is exactly what happened today. And all the other relapses before. I really want to stop relapsing there are so many things I want to achieve. It’s like I said there is a lot to get there so I procrastinate and I get cravings and I go back to gaming. I also consider what I need to do to achieve my goals is boring. I did play today for 5 hours then I got off because I regretted it. Watched a couple inspirational videos. Started a new 90 day detox tracker. Now writing my daily journal and then I’m going to restart. Wish me luck!

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