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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

What have you learnt about relapsing?


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I done really know if I learned some lessons from it, but I have been asking myself questions to wether or not I should actually quit playing games. Since relapsing usually happens unthinkably for me I startet to think that maybe I dont want to stop really or that I dont have to. But then I think that it might just be because its a habit that I have... to just relapse without thinking about it before I am satiated once again ? 

I dont know, I just try to get back on the horse when I do relapse.. ?

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@The radtech Yeah, there comes a time when self reflection really helps in life. Sit down with yourself, some pen and paper - Just start writing how you feel about it. Why you should try 90 days, why you don't think it'll benefit you ect. You might not know until you try, you might find out getting to 90 was easy and effortless (In that case, i'd say you don't have a problem with gaming). How many hours did you use to play? I'd usually be around 12-15 and can't go less than 3. I've been with stopgaming for a year now, most days I got to so far has been 66 (Twice).

Your choice to quit gaming might not even be gaming related. Maybe you're looking for something else out of life - Like self improvement in general. Even if you're not addicted, I reckon stopping for 90 days can help build willpower and discipline.

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I learned what start my relapse. I just need to start searching information about games, hardware or something similiar and bam I'm fucked. Because that habit's are very strong. Just a little step and I and will have installed games on my PC or Phone. So I avoid these activities.

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