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Hello Gamequitters my name is ..

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Hello Gamequitters my name is Neil, I quit video games and became an ex-gamer on March 3rd of 2019, I am in my mid-thirties, I live in Louisiana, and have had a problem putting the controller down since I can remember - so since 4 years old.  My life forever revolved around "what can I do to get more game time in?" but no more!  Just like Step One of any Twelve Step Program I had to first admit that there was a problem - that I was powerless over the effects gaming had over me, that my life had become unmanageable.  I am glad I did because when you begin to really live that one life you were born to have there is no better feeling than doing the best that you can do, day in & day out. 

The last few years I knew I really needed to limit my time spent on video games to really pull my life out of the gutter and last year it was November 2018 I had found the StopGaming Reddit community that gave a spark to my affirmations - this detox, I really need to do this!  I lasted about thirty days as I had fell victim to a "special" seasonal gaming event on my favorite online game that went on about 4 weeks total in the name of Christmas smh.  I had also come across the NoSurf Reddit during that time and I decided it best to delete my Reddit account so I did. 

The time after the Christmas gaming spree I was spending more time gaming on average than usual and the StopGaming Detox stayed in the back of my mind.  I would share with my online gaming buddies my intention to follow through with a full 90 days without them but was without the willpower to stop playing.  I had rooted myself even further by creating a clan to participate in weekly activities - activities that I needed to spend time earning in-game currency to make happen.  All the while I have no job and about a month later I check the Bank balance, it was all spent & I only had credit.  This was the fire behind my choice to quit video games for good.  Forget the 90 day detox I needed to get the games gone!  That's what I did. 

I knew first I should find a supportive community for my decision, this is where I find Gamequitters Youtube/Forums and also the StopGaming Discord channel.  I take to the Discord and they help talk me through my first steps - most immediately I had deleted all Steam games & the Steam account along with giving away the top loot from that online game I played for 22 years and I continue to work on deleting the 300+ accounts I had created on it.  That is important because as they age they become valuable in-game.  On that day I had also decided to quit pornography because of how much time it was taking out of my day on average - I had also been addicted to that since parents had dial-up Internet. 

As of today that makes 110 days no video games & no pornography and it is really amazing what you can accomplish being in control of your free time doing nothing but the best you can do.  Along the way Gamequitters has been an inspirational source to me and a help when I was weak so thank you to everyone involved keeping it alive.  I had just caught word of the amazing journal templates so I created an account to log in and share my journey with more than a closed notebook.  Best of health everyone!

You can find my Sobriety Journal in the forums here.

P.S. Attached is my 100-day celebration of freedom away from video games =)


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This is actually something I did as well,  years ago when I stopped playing 1st. time. 

I had been playing Call of duty MW2  or BO 1-2 for 15 days in the beginning of the month. I played a lot beforehand and was loosing focus on the job and education.

But that months it turned into a cycle, I woke up 530 am. Got to work. Usually made mistakes. Got home and started playing with my only break when I had to use the toilet or eat the pizza I ordered. Got to bed very late. Woke up sleepdeprived. REPEAT... Happened 15 days until I ran out of money for food.

The next day I took my Xbox and game outside with my friend and we had a lot of fun smashing it up and burning it afterwards. I didnt touch a game again after 5-6 years and now I am back ?


But this is sometimes really good therapy, especially if you are the type of guy who spends the money from selling the gamer gear to buy new lesser gamer gear ?


Hope everything works out smoothly for you  ?

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