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Mom of 12 year old

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Hi, I am a mom of a 12 year old boy who plays games. His sister bought him a computer last Christmas. He has many games on his computer. I would only allow an hour in the beginning. I let him play more. Then it became a few hours and recently, he would become irritable, lash out at me, just edgy. He has lost interest doing things and getting out of the house. I have been in tears over this recently. He has anxiety and I think he feels guilt from upsetting me. My mom and I have a credit card together. My son plays Roblocks and asked if he could buy $5.00 worth of Robucks on his game. My mother said yes. I purchased it for him by inputting the card information myself on his computer. However, we did not realize the card is stored. Over the past week, $180 has been charged on her card. I asked my son last night and he admitted to doing it. He was very upset with himself and felt that his nana will be so mad at him. He was feeling very bad, crying with guilt. I am sick to my stomach and do not know how to deal with this today. I want to remove the games but don't know if it should be gradually, immediate or how to approach it with the most recent incident. Any immediate advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a single mom, disabled and cannot afford to buy reclaim either. I hope some of you can help give some advice for today. Thank you in advance! About to call Microsoft and my mom to discuss this. 

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I'd also suggest reading articles in the link below. I've read them as well, even if I am self-diagnosed, because it helps to get the perspective from the other side as well:


Good job on detecting it somewhat early in his life, my parents weren't able to see it. That said, you'll need to be strong for both of you, unrelenting and disciplined. Good luck.

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