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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Back to square one... :)


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Day 1:

I just relapsed yesterday and today this morning, but now I deleted everything again and I am going for another attempt. 

Today I had a day off from school so I spend it on working out, shopping for my girlfriends birthday tomorrow and cleaning the apartment a bit and washing the clothes.

Nice and productive.

Good day to you all ?


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Back on the horse!! That is great!! They key is not to start over the same way. They key is to set your environment in a way that your goal is easier! Make yourself remember every morning that you are not gaming anymore, write down an emotional letter with your reasons. A letter to your future self to put him in a mindset to keep away from games.

Good luck.

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Hey Dahankus! 

Thanks for the advice mate. I try out with that letter :) 

It makes really Good sense to me and I am also sometimes forgetting Why I do it. I actually Both do that when times get tough AND also when it feels too easy. I am usually doing Best when I am missing gaming a little bit But not too much.

This letter could help with that 


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