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Hello everyone!

My name is Maciek (Matthias in English ;), I am from Poland, and i am 24 yo. I play computer games since i remember, so i play longer than half of my life. Gaming was my way to life, i had no life goals - only goals to improve my champions/villages etc. When i think now about my past, i missed almost every opportunity to have a girlfriend, becouse i was comparing the time with her as the time lost, becouse i could play games instead of it. I were on place, when i could play whole weekend, with minimal amount of sleep, and finally on Sunday i were still insatiable of games. Every thought i had, were about games. Last year i realized that i am addicted, so i threw the game i have playing - World of Warcraft. Sadly, next day i have installed another game (cs), because i thought i was not addicted to it. As u can guess, i played just as much as WoW. I was relapsing from game to game for 1 year, until i reach World of Warcraft again, and i realized, that i am addicted from all games. Today, i am 3rd day of detox and i am glad that there is a community that does not underestimate the problem.

Have a nice day!

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