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Hide your iPhone apps

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Now this trick is only for iPhone and I’m not sure about android.

Have you ever looked through the App Store and you see a game with that cloud icon and it’s so tempting to to download it?

Well this trick might help you  it does not get get rid of your games or apps but makes harder to get to. I wish there was way to do it permanently but this the second best. 

1.Go to the App Store 

2.Go to your account in the top right hand corner 

3.go to purchases 

4.then swipe left and select hide 

5.Do that to all the apps and games 

what it does is that it makes it look like you never bought that game or app. It’s no longer in the iPhone and you won’t see the iCloud icon on apps or games you may have been addicted to you. 

Now if you were to get them back you do these steps 

1.Go to App Store 

2.Go to your account in the right hand corner.

3.Go to to your account at the top again and type in your password

4.Then go to hidden purchases and that where there stored.

I hope this helps someone, tell me your thoughts in the comments below.   

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