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Gaming compulsion


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I just wanted share something that really hit home for me and this is a 3 part series about gaming compulsion though he does not say gaming addiction, the series does Address what we all feel. 

Its done by extra credits youtube channel and yes he talks about video games but I would like you to watch this series because it clear what answer is and kind of know what cam is saying now. 

Here a link  


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Yes but there story in part 2 that really good but you guys don’t have to watch the full series but they say something that helped me “take the lesson l learned from games and apply to the real world” its not for everyone but it was something that I was struggling with by looking at games evil or get it way from them, but when I heard it clicked what I should be accepting of it and how I can apply the lessons I learned from games to the real world. but I do recommend watching part because of his story. He does not say addiction but it apparent it was. 

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