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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?

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Hello people,

I 'finished' my previous journal, and while somewhat satisfied with it, miss writing entries (seems odd considering how few I actually made)

So time for #2 and this one will be a little different. Rather then a journal about a 90 day detox, and how I felt and such, I think I'm going to write this one about things I do for others, so #2 will be 90 days of charity towards others. Not sure how it'll go, seeing as I'm a foolish proud person who sucks at being vulnerable, but maybe it'll work out. Since I didn't do anything out of my ordinary today, I'll be starting tomorrow

Day 0

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Day 1-4

Sorry about not posting here (was starting to look like my previous journal again ahhhh); I was doing volunteer work with my parish around downtown. It was pretty awesome, we went and talked to people on the street asking them if we could pray for them and stuff, and we did a food drive and a variety of other services over the 4 days. Also a lot of my close friends were with the group as well, and the opportunity to see them so often was pretty awesome. 

I'm still a little tired, but I guess when you get to sleep before 2am, you wake up pretty early as well haha.

Have a happy Easter everyone!

Love y'all 🙂

God Bless

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