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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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Hi there, My name is Richard and I am a gaming addict. 

I get irritated when I can't play my games or I have to do something other than games. My parents and teachers say I got lots of potential but I squandered it doing easy things, like video games. Now I am almost 25 and am very depressed.

So I am deciding today to start over. Like I have tried many times before. I am going to make this change stick. I am sick of the depression and the empty life. Escaping it with video games.

Going to start a journal. Tomorrow probably on my day off

Thanks Cam for putting the effort in this site. I bought the respawn program and am going to go through it.

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Hi Richard. I'm glad to meet you. What platform do you usually play your games? Where do you play video games at your house? Are most of your friends gamers? What do you usually do when you don't play video games? What do you want to achieve 1 year from now? What do you want to achieve 5 years from now? What about 10 years from now? Who do you want to be in your life? How do your parents usually describe you? And why the hell are you still living with your parents when you're 25? (Sorry just kidding....) What are your hobbies other than playing video games? And how healthy do you think you are? How regularly do you exercise? What type of exercise? When do you wake up in the morning? How much do you sleep during the day? 

Answer these question and I will help you.

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