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Howdy yall

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Howdy everyone. My name's Fabian and I'm here to kick my pixel habit. I'm in my really thirties, have a stable job and an amazing girlfriend and currently am not in what might consider the deep end but my gaming is enough of an issue that I can recognize it as a cause for concern. I've had a gaming habit since high school and it was much worse then. I see it as a risk factor in my current life though and I don't want it to jeapordize my relationship so I'm taking steps to nip my habit in the bum. I'd already started deleting accounts and uninstalling games before I found this resource and am hopeful about getting my priorities back on track. Best wishes to everyone else here! 

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Hi StreetWalkinCheetah welcome to the forum and the game quitters community. Great job on recognizing your concern about your gaming addiction and taking the first step in the right direction and nipping your habit in the bum. I wish you the best in quitting video games and getting your priorities back on track. We are here to support you to your goal. Best of luck.

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Welcome, bro. 

Something that's been useful for me is to write the reasons why I think gaming is destroying my life and reading those everyday in the morning. Also, paste a big calendar on the wall circling the first detox day, and the 90th detox day. Then, cross each and every day you live without gaming.



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