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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Day 1


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I’m starting this journey because last Saturday I broke. I was trying to quit gaming and my thoughts kept pulling and pulling in the direction I didn’t want to go. I broke.

i grabbed a quick Taco Bell and sat for the long haul. I downloaded West of Loathing at 12:00 pm. Hours streamed by. I didn’t care. It felt so good to get lost in the story. It felt so good to earn trinkets and get level ups. It felt so good to lose my Saturday.

5:00 am.

Did I really play for that long? Why? 

... 17 hours?? 


Depressed and ashamed I looked up game quitters and signed up. Watching that intro video I was filled with so much relief. I don’t want to break like this anymore. I don’t want to binge play like this. I want to be better. I need to better. 

Feeling: hopeful for the future as well as a little worried it may be too good to be true. But I’ve got to try. This is day one for a new beginning. 

Grateful for this community and the chance to start something new.

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Welcome to the group and kudos to you for recognizing you have a problem! I am relatively new to this forum and I have found this community to be highly supportive. You've made a good start here, keep it going! 

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