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So, after a long, long while of making up my mind, I finally decided to create an account and properly introduce myself.

I'm Rodrigo, from Montevideo, Uruguay. My username's Morboth, same as in Steam and pretty much every other platform, so if anyone happens to know me from Steam or Origin, then here's a big "hi!" to you.

I've drawn support from Game Quitters whenever I felt like relapsing, and I guess I wanted to share my story as well as my latest experience with gaming (i.e. the last couple of days). I truly feel driven to it like a moth to a flame, but I reckon I'll leave that bit for the general discussion forum.

Here's hoping to hear about other people going through this, as well as about some happier stuff.

See you around!

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On 2/24/2019 at 10:50 PM, Cam Adair said:

Hi Rodrigo, welcome to the forums. I hope to visit Uruguay someday.

Thanks, Cam! ? There's not much to be seen, but if you happen to come visit us, do give me a shout and I'll be sure to show you around.

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