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I have noticed something in all journals I have read about video game addiction. People explaining where they came from and how they got to the point they are today and it all seems to stem from the same thing. Let me know in the comments below if you think this  Observation is correct. 

It seems the root seems to go back to console games like Mario, Zelda etc.  (Now I m not talking about the emotional aspects of it here) All I m saying it all seems to start with the gaming console and that social interaction. It does not matter with it be ps4 to Nintendo switch or even nes most of the  journal I have read seems to stems from consoles, so the next step we take is buying pc to play games on and we play maybe simple games then we realized we want to play more intense games so we customize or build our own pc and discover the world of MMORPG games where that social interaction takes even deeper until a spark happens in us saying is their more to life than this and we end up here. 

Now I know each stories is different with own probleems but why right this you may ask?

Well simply because console gaming is just as bad as pc gaming your just trading one for the other but the weird thing is it all seemed to start with console game of some kind that leads us to our pc addiction which I can testify this has been true in my life. I started out as console gamer then pc then nongamer.  This applies to mobile games as well.

Just thought I share this cause it is quite interesting.

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