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Hello everyone,
I am a 25 years old male who has been struggling with 2 addiction in the last 4-5 years. As long as I remember, I have always been playing games throughout my life, whether it was on windows 98, PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. But throughout those years, I never found any problems in gaming since it has always been moderated by my parents or by the life I used to live in my childhood. Everything was fine until I got my own PC. On my second year in university,  instead of finding a part-time job, I started stumbling on games and porn (which I never considered before) which lead to my current addictions. I was never been able to move on from those 2 addiction and I have been struggling since.
But no more, I have decided to move on from those addictions forever. And in order to do so, I will use my journal as a mean to move on for good from my current addictions. I have already uninstalled all my steam games and steam as well, and I have blocked steam and all porn websites from my PC. This is just a simple step but big for my current progress. I will use this journal to set my daily goals, and achieve something daily. I will work hard to accomplish the things that I should have accomplished before. It is never too late and the time is now. The change can and will be real.

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