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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Quiting games again... except this time it's forever!


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I'm 24 years old guy and I started playing games around 10. I went to programming college so I could get paid to make video games. At 21 I got a job as a video programer and fortunately I hated it. I quit after 2 months and re-evaluated my life and career goals. I realize now that I can achieve very much in real life and I dont want to waste that potential.

From middle school through highschool I had 5~6 failed attempts to quit video games completely, sometimes even lasting over half a year. But after so many failures I had lost hope that I will ever stop playing completely and for last several years never realy tried anymore. I had failed over 5 college courses due to gaming, extending my college time by 2 years. In one instance I only had to write an academic work for a guaranted A, but I couldn't force myself and failed the course because of it.

I have had many periods of heavy gaming and no gaming at all. I am in very good physical shape due to also being addicted to sports. My social life is much better that of normal person because I proactively surrounded myself with likeminded passionate people. But I still fail at things in life because I play games instead of doing the necceseary preparation.

My motivation for searching today how to quit games and writing this post is because right now I am again failing at college because of it and also trying to build a business with my close friends. So if not for myself, I think I found the strength to do this for them instead.


By far the biggest reason I play is for escape from reality, I plan to substitue that with Parkour. But since I have such a big need to escape, I will also try to meditate to help tackle this issue.

Smaller reasons I play are for constant measurable growth and challenge. I will substitute those with building a business. It is very important that I learn to notice small improvements in myself and celebrate them to fill the need for constant measurable growth.


Best wishes to all :)

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