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Looking for someone from the UK

Cam Adair

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Hey everyone.

The UK Parliament has launched a new committee looking into video game addiction and they are looking for someone in the UK aged 18-25 who would be willing to testify and share their experience.

Often these inquiries only showcase academic researchers and not the people struggling themselves (like us!) so it's a really great opportunity to share our actual experience with the issue.

If this is you, please PM me and I can connect you.

Here are the details:

The Committee and the Chair are interested in hearing from gamers between 18-25 that have experienced issues with gaming addiction. The Committee are exploring a variety of themes within the gaming industry and eager to understand the problems young gamers in particular face. This provides a great opportunity for them to speak directly to the Committee and contribute to the final report. Some of the issues that we will be discussing include:

- Tackling digital and gaming addiction: what are digital addiction and gaming addiction, and how do they differ from other forms? What is the scale of the problem and what support do those with digital or gaming addiction need? What role does design play in gaming addiction, or the addictive use of social media, and how might that be managed? Are extra measures needed to protect children from these forms of addiction? How well co-ordinated are Government efforts on these forms of addiction? What can be learned from other countries?

- The links between gaming and gambling: what are the links between gaming and gambling? What are the effects of in-game spending, especially on children, and does it need stronger monitoring or regulation? What challenges and opportunities do gaming and eSports offer the gambling industry and how should that be managed?

Please find below guidance for witnesses on giving evidence to Select Committees. It provides more detailed logistical information.

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