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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

It's time for a change..

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Hi everyone!

I am a video game addict and I feel that my life is at a critical juncture, where I will either make a real effort and succeed in quitting video games and get rid of my addiction for good or let it define the rest of my life and rob me of living life to it's fullest and reaching my personal potential. I am 30 years old, soon 31, married since last year and with a stable, all thought not fullfilling job and career. On the outside I probably seem to be a fully functional adult being but on the inside I know that I have gone trough life as a passive observer, letting gaming drain me of my energy, vision and strength to make something of myself and experience life to its fullest. I know this because when looking back at my life and the few things I have achieved it has been during times when I have quit gaming but in the end I always seem to lose to it one way or another. I am tired of feeling as a failure, tired of losing out on the adventure that life offers, and tired of not taking on and actually shaping my life and living it in a way that makes me happy. 

My wife is also pregnant and I feel that if not for my sake than at least for the sake of our future child I must garner the strength to stop this addiction and not pass this disease on to our future children. My plan is to quit gaming and everything associated with it permanently and my plan is to document that journey on here and also, in moments of weakness go here instead of twitch.tv or re-installing gaming apps on the mobile. 


Best regards,

El Presidente




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Thank you! ?

2nd day without any gaming or lazy twitch.tv-observing. It has been a hectic day at work and I tried out an acting class after, booked like a month ago, which I have been thinking of doing for a couple of years now and finally did - it was great! Met some awesome people which I really felt I could connect with further down the road and definitely something that could help me develop my social skills further. Also a great opportunity to actually channel my creativity, something I have been missing a lot since I started working. 

Having some feelings of boredom right now but shouldn't be any problems suppressing them by watching some episodes of a TV series or actually starting reading on of the like 15 books I have ordered and planned to read but never did because of gaming. I know from experience that these first few days off gaming are the easiest, it gets much harder when boredom sets in, when I start feeling down or experiencing anxiety. 

I have decided to come up with some sort of reward when I have been off gaming for 30 days.

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