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The Ascenion of rainbath


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Hi, I'm Aidan

I am a freshman in high school, currently doing track and involved in the MCJROTC program offered. I have realized that playing games the way I do is not going to make me a better person. I rarely do anything constructive with my time and I know it's an issue.

I had an account on here before but I decided to make a fresh one.

These games I play will not get me the things I so desire in my life. So I either quit completely, or I make a limit my time with anything related to gaming, I should only play after I've gotten all of my tasks done for the day, but I can always do something else... so, quitting is the best bet. I am going to start selling off things I have for games. This is more than just quitting games to me, it's also about becoming a man and leading a productive lifestyle. I just need to find things that I enjoy doing and start doing them even if I may not feel like it. I'll have to fight off distractions from basically anything. I have to work with what I have for what I want and build off of it. 

Waking up earlier in the morning is probably one of my best options, so I could start off my day in a positive way, but waking up early is something I struggle with, but I have to discipline myself eventually. I am going to start doing journalling at the end of my days, it'll be something to look forward to. I will be physically writing them before I type them up on here, seems like it'd help clear my mind more. I know I have things to do instead of playing games, but I haven't cared enough to take responsibility or to feel bored from the things I have to do. 

It's time for my ascension, fellas.

Aidan (rainbath)

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