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[HEALTH] Absent-mindedness

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In my last two years of life, i have noticed that i am suffering from severe distraction. I became very easily distracted and confused. Sometimes I spend 10-20 minutes reading same page, othertimes i forget important information told by person seconds later. Also, I can't hold my attention for long then i am listening to lectures and tend to zone out very quickly. Often forget visiting shop, library to buy groceries or return the book. Talking with people becomes chore after one hour and my brain starts to ignore them. During critical situations i am very prone to panicking, even though, i know whole procedure step by step, but i just forget everything at that moment.

So I wonder, if i am the only person suffering from this lack of attention? Is this thing irreversible? Are there any methods to improve attention?

Because i am pretty sure, that gaming destroyed this "system" and it is not related to my age(21) or genes

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