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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened



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I have an issue as of right now and I know about quitting all games in life and I should not do this but let me explain cause I kind feel guilty about doing this to them.

So when I return to gaming and vr I knew of game called Virtual novel and started supporting them through pateron and my rational thinking is since its development I could help with the development in the game and see how game is being developed from the ground up. Its something I'm very interested in to but has not released yet but when when I thought about be worth it, I did the pledge then took the pledge away a month later thinking that not gonna take my life forward but now I feel guilty because I said I was pledge to them and then took away.

I m not sure what to do but I m thinking of doing my pledge again because I do not like this guilt on me and since I was talking about features to add to their game. Tell your thoughts in the comments below. 

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This why I thought videos games were evil like poison to me is because I did not want to admit my own problems and started to realize video games were not the main issue here its me. I m the one that caused this problem.

So over the years that all I asked for is video games and how to immerse myself even further away from the main issue.


You wrote this! Fuck video games! Do something more valuable! You can fall into this pit again. Be aware!

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