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Circadian Rhythm

Another "coulda been a contender" story

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Hi all

I've been tracking this forum since just before Christmas. This will likely be something of a typical post for someone just starting out on a journey to be a better man, but I suppose I'm not here to entertain. I'm here to get better.

Whilst this is a forum primarily for gaming addiction, and this is something I want to fight. What I want to do here is something a bit more all encompassing.

I spend too much time on gaming, on mindlessly browsing the internet, on terrible habits all rooted in distraction and escapism. Whilst escapism is not inherently a bad thing in my opinion. It is when you see the sun set on another day and all you've done is 'escape' as I've found out far too much lately. The talk of bingeing and certain triggers that are regularly talked about on here as part of others' journals are things I feel I can really relate to as that time slips away. My greatest fear is that one day I'll wake up in the same bed in my parents house, and all of a sudden I'll be 46 instead of 26 wondering where all the things I dreamed about went, and who I've ended up as.

I've battled depression and anxiety for most of my life, and I've fought it well up to this point where I have a good set of skills to do this challenge my habit of bingeing on escapist practices that don't serve me. To really engage with a community that will support me, share experiences and keep me on track as a reminder of what's important. I'm determined to look forward now as part of a new year where everything can go right for me if I do, and there is no time like the present.

I'll be starting a journal that I'll keep regularly updated as part of what I'm attempting here with much more detail. And if you're interested in my journey to see if this works for me, then please feel free to read my progress there. Thanks again to Cam for having the conviction to follow through on what he believes in to set up this community and give someone like me a chance to interact with people going through the same thing.


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Welcome! Grateful you have joined us. Today you begin turning things around so that when you wake up on your 46th birthday you are immensely proud of yourself instead. 🙂

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