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I've tried respawn once but i was not succesful with it. I started playing after 70 days of Detox, constantly thinking about games and being negative and unfriendly to my surrounding. I started playing because of my best friend because she wanted to meet one guy and he was playing lot of League of legends at that time. Just wanna point out that i was into games a lot even before cause i played minecraft but my mom kept me away from it. As i was getting older and older my parents were working harder and more so they were not at home. I was struggling with my sexual orientation so I started hiding between games when noone saw me and they only heard my voice. I became addicted. I met new people, i startwed liking the game achieving victories and just having the best time. I was even not going to school for weeks just because I wanted to play but my parents never got to know. Now I actually wanna meet people in real life but i am insecure and afraid that they will judge me. I don't have nothing to talk about cause all of my friends before were playing games and now the only topic I can talk about is Gaming. But I am willing to change and i wanna succeed. 


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