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I've quit games before, but I'm hoping to make this time permanent. It's always been hard because I think that games can be a great thing when they're used correctly, but the truth is I don't have the ability to use them correctly.

I've always had problems with video games since I was little. My parents were pretty strict on a lot of things and that led me to be a bit antisocial which drove me pretty hard into video games. It seemed like a healthy option compared to sex, drugs, and alcohol!! Haha. It's actually been an extremely negative force in my life. I went to college and made it through fine, but I lost out on a lot of the learning experience I was paying for and I lost out on a lot of the social opportunities that college provides! I started a business, my dream, but then it went down. There were other issues, but a lot of it was me deciding it was easier to play video games than work through products. They've made me so incredibly unreliable. I wouldn't even get in contact with the people I considered my best friends for like 2 weeks at a time outside of classes.

Now, I'm starting a new business doing freelancing. It's been going pretty well, but lately, I got pulled back in hard, playing for 14-16 hours a day for the last 3 weeks. It's caused me to fall behind on projects that I need to be doing, both causing me to be low on cash and risking my reputation... And on what? The chance to try a new weapon? I recently bought a small Winnebago and I want to make that my traveling home. This would let me work from wherever I'm currently adventuring. I've got it though now, and I haven't gotten to fixing the electrical, replacing the door handles, getting in contact with people to get new keys (It's a bit of a fixer-upper lol). I'm 23 years old, I have an EE degree, but I'm living in my parents' basement feeling sorry for myself.

I wrote down on my first worksheet that I wanted to make my life worth something. If I were to try to sell my life, no one would want it... No one wants to live in their parents'  basement. No one wants to be alone. No one wants to have my lifestyle of constant gaming because anyone can do that hahaha. So here's to hoping that this is the first step into creating a better life!


Aaron Zahn

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