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Correct Anterior Pelvic Tilt for lower back pain


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Hello guys.

I have been gaming a lot for the past 9 years or so before I quit. My body got pretty fucked up in terms of posture.I'm turning things around now but I want to share something that I found really helpful, regardless if you are into fitness or not.

I was experiencing lower back pain, I was determined that it was due to my sitting on a chair and gaming for many hours.

Long story short, I did some digging and realised I have alterior pelvic tilt.That's basically a tilt in my pelvic bone (lower spine) which causes some muscles to be stretched and some others to be short.It causes pain and feels uncofortable. I also realised it somewhat hinders my "sexual" posture , cause the tilt pulls your croch toward your back and not in the normal position.

Anyway I found some helpful videos on the youtube and one really easy exercise that helped me. If you have the same problem , which is very likely you do, feel free to check the video out, or do your own research and find streches and exercises that help you.

Here is the video



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Great video man. I have APT too, and this exercise really is one of the best ones to fix it, though I don't do it enough in the gym (simply because I think of it as a 'girl' exercise...yeah). 

I also stretch my quads and strengthen my hamstrings to fix the issue, but it's slow going. Final tip - you can lift one of your legs to make it that much harder, if you're advanced enough

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