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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello, I have a problem with games. I'm going to stop it.


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Been playing video games all my life. My room's shelves and drawers are filled with plastic game boxes, cords, I just have way too many fucking games.  They've taken over my life and they've been a crutch Ive used to put off the things I want to do or escape when the going gets tough. 

I'm slowly putting it all on ebay to sell. My plan is to use the funds I get from that to travel to meet a seduction coach and have a one-on-one bootcamp. I have one in mind and he is an individual who's been doing this for decades and people will vouch for his work. Do this for any of coaching you're in the market, don't get some random guy who's doing internet marketing! 


I like anime and Japanese culture too if you can tell my profile picture, so if ur a weeb we can be weeb friends together! 


So yeah, hi!

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