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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

My Progression Board From how I came to Game Quitters and on

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While searching the web ... I found these web site :






That video on tedx says there are 4 main reasons we play games... 
1.  Temporary Escape - playing a game online gave me the perfect way of not having to deal with situations... absorbed in a gameplay for hours and hours
2. They are social -  Staying  home on a Friday night doesn't seem so bad when you're at home playing games with your friends online
not only that but games offer a clean slate on the social ladder being bullied when I was younger didn't exactly leave me with feeling very confident about the social standing I felt misunderstood, unaccepted and unsure how to fix it  even though I wanted to play games online gave me this opportunity, I could be who I wanted to be, nobody knew my history and I was judged according to my ability to play the game and not on my current social standing.
3.  Games are a challenge - They give you a sense of challenge, a mission, a purpose,  a goal to work towards, this is an achievement paradigm, achievements multiply the opportunity to experience success, 
4. Finally, you see constant measurable growth, this is a feedback loop you get to see progress, when you're at school you struggle to improve your social standing but when online you get to see the rewards for the effort you put in.
Consider how it feels when finally able to see progress in something, consider how it feels when you're able to see the goal you set out to is achievable.
Combine these 4  and you have a very addicting process



FROM ME: ABOUT GAMING: Well I promised myself I would read up on the subject and I found more information than the last time I had looked upon it. Basically gaming is engaging, intrinsically rewarding, desire for the reward, can be relaxing (sometimes it is stressful), challenging, fun, motivating, socializing, promotes helping other players, all in all, it's easier than doing other things, suppresses anxiety, pleasure stimulus of the brain like dopamine, environmental part of our brain, bright lights, pretty colours, nice graphics, nice art, winning is reinforcing.... Other things are not as attractive because they can be stressful, boring, demanding physically and mentally



Letter to my friend GREG : 

I know I used to have a much more productive life... I've lived the difference to tell
There will always be people that are worse off of us.  I'm not doing this for them …. I'm doing this for myself and the people I care for.   Greg, I'm not saying you have the same problem as me... The real reason for me personally is that it is starting to annoy me that I have put on the line my relationship, caring for my son, taking care of myself, my animals and putting my job on the line...  There is a limit to how much I am willing to put on the line and I've crossed that line... and feel vulnerable … I'm not willing to lose what I have gained.... for the sake of thinking of myself.  I will be able to help people around me instead of my pleasure only...  I'm not saying gaming is bad... it's been helpful over the years... but for me, it has now become an issue. I realize that and am trying to take the appropriate steps to fix everything around me that I've been putting aside for so long.    I have great talents such as an artist... painting drawing, sculpting and fixing things... I should focus on that instead and feel productive... a feeling of wellbeing is what an artist told me :)     I understand that you're not at the same level as me in this "adventure" I don't want to impose anything on you, Greg... you are a good friend of mine... I just wanted you to understand my situation... and hopefully, we can continue to talk... because if we can only be friends when we play games …. then we're not really friends.    And I know you and me can support each other as we've done in the past.  I've always tried to give you good advice... because I care for you buddy ;)


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

On the topic of why games are so compelling:

https://youtu.be/t1pOZbytOhE Short bbc piece on the Australian Jewel Beetle

https://youtu.be/JokEMwwJYkA Tedx talk by Michael Astolfi on why we love games

Games are to us what those beer bottles are to the Jewel Beetle, but in their case the bottle's design was changed by the company.

On the other hand, game makers have no reason to make their products less compelling. Quite the opposite: If people are playing a lot, they're winning.

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I started a web page on facebook with family pictures tonight... I have a huge amount of pictures taken by me and my family that I want to share with the 40 members already in my facebook group...   I think it's a great chance to remember the things we've done... valorize what we like and what we've done... and make a bridge between the people we like and have stopped talking to.

I also plan on selling some paper magic the gathering cards to someone who is interested but that's not very fun to inventory them and he's not willing to buy them just yet... but that's another avenue that I have... my little bag of tricks ?



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