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Little relaspe

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I wanted to discuss how I relapsed a little bit not a lot but enough to know it was one. 

I think in my 90-day detox there were some things I did not write down and probably should have put it around oct. at a singles event at a church near me that I played a trivia game, though I was still able to pull through okay. My second on was reintroducing VR again and RPG game you could play in one of the communities, the third one was playing at bible study house another trivia game, and demoing Nintendo switch, oculus go, and rift. 

These were all outside of the house but I m beginning to see a pattern if you start with one you you keep going or should say keep playing until you make the decision to relapse. 

Now last week I tested out two apps burn your fat with me and gochi show both are exercise at in the form of visual novel, I did write down 60 times why I was doing in my animated detox, but I feel way to close to gaming even for me to feel uncomfortable, like I said I did not back play 60 hours of games again which never did but I could feel the craving to get back into VR, look VR products, interactions and some games I had known about at the time I wanted to play.

To answer the question does gamification help you during detox, no it does not cause more craving at least for me and should NOT be used during your gaming detox 

So what did feel during this week well a little uncomfortable is the best way to describe it, I guess when you go without gaming so long at least within house it makes you uncomfortable. So I have delted the games and gonna start a new journel for new 90 days. It will go in more detail why I think it I relasped, 

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