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Senecas Letters - Sentences which I want to remember

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Hi fellow gamequitters!

I lately started to listen and relisten to a series which is a commentary and reading of Senecas Letters. I want to store profound knowledge or citations I get from this so I can reread it later. Maybe you can also benefit from this. I will edit this first entry to add one letter after the other one. This way we all can easily go to the first page and get all knowledge.

If you want to listen to the same videos:




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Letter 1: On saving time

  1. The only thing which is really yours is time. Don't fucking waste it.
  2. Time can be converted in anything: knowledge, money, connection, health etc.
  3. You are dying every day, the candle of your life is half burnt.
  4. You are rich if you have what you need. If you need less time you will be rich in time: that is why you need to focus.
  5. Focus first on effectiveness and only second on efficiency.



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Letter 2: On DIscursiveness Of Reading

  1. Don't do a lot of different things but instead focus on one thing.
  2. Finish a book before you start a new one.
  3. Great thoughts and great gains are reached through focus
  4. Discover many thoughts and focus on one every day.
  5. You are rich if you want what you have and poor otherwise.
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Letter 3 - On True and False Friendship

  1. Real friends are people you can share everything with that bothers you
  2. Be a real friend to yourself. self deceiving is sometimes necessary but it hinders you
  3. Live your live in a way that you could share it with your enemies without shame or fear
  4. Don't share openly everything that bothers you with people who aren't your friends (yet)
  5. Choose your real friends wisely and only make them real friends (what means you share with them everything) if they are good for you.
  6. There is no hard line between aqquaintances and real friend. Trust trustworthy people more and untrustworthy people less but don't trust nobody or everybody. It is a scale not to fractions
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