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Just Journal ;)


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Hey there guys.


So, here I am - 23 years old dude completely sunk into gaming. I played a lot. A lot of different games and a lot of time. Strategic games, card games, racing games, any other kind, you name it. But finally I think I'm done. I'm fed up with this, I see that my life isn't going well and it's about time to take action.

This month I have to finish my last semester on university in order to be allowed to defend thesis - either this June or September. Meanwhile I'm going to Germany to work as a postman as I need to save some money in order to be finally independent of my parents. 

I am a native Polish speaker, my English got a little rusty lately. I guess this journal might be a good way to improve my skills, which might be helpful to me in my desired career ;)

We'll see how hard it is for me to keep up with writing here.

Time's up, let's do this! ;)

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Alright, time for first post ;)


Last two days were kind of alright, kind of bad. I have read Respawn on Sunday, and applied rules from it immediately - I wrote down why I played, what do I want to do with my time after I quit and so on. I filled up google calendar aswell. After I was finished with it I went biking with my cousin, we covered around 25 km in less than hour. I have pretty much forgotten how cool is to cycle, as I stopped doing it regularly when I finished high school. When I came back I did some German grammar exercises, and then cousin came around once again in order to play board games. We played one game of Pandemic and some Warhammer card game afterwards. I liked it, it felt differently than playing on my computer alone. (not sure though it's still a good idea to play board games)

Yesterday I went to my university city by car. While I was driving my father called me, and suggested that it might be good for me to go to local addiction therapy center. I agreed, he gave me a phone number so I could call them - I tried, but nobody answered the call. I will try again today. When I arrived I was strangely tired, so I slept for a while. When I woke up, my flatmates (who are doing an ATPL course) called me and asked whether I could pick them up from local airfield, as they came here by rented aircraft. I went there and after we came back I went cycling, swimming and doing some exercise with other flatmate.

All in all, during the day it's really not that hard for me not to play. But I wake up a little late (like (8:30-9am) and have trouble with falling asleep. When I'm in bed, all alone with my thoughts it's bad. I feel that I'm behind people at my age, wasted so much precious time not gaining basically any useful skills, having trouble with finding a reason to do anything. 

Anyway, I'm not going to give up idea of breakup with video gaming. Today I have to do some stuff for uni, and afterwards going to do some workout.

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Today wasn't very productive day. I had trouble with falling asleep last night, so I went to the supermarket to buy some food. I have fallen asleep at 3 am, woke up at 11:30 am. Wasn't very happy about it, but couldn't do anything about it. I did errata of my article about history of heavy bombers during II WW, but later watched a lot of popular scientific videos on youtube - I have to cut it aswell, it takes too much of my time. 

I don't feel too many cravings to game now which is good. I think I need to use one of a blueprints which are provided in pinned post, I think it might help me with structurizing my thoughts better.

I hope that it won't be hard to fall asleep today. Off to swim nom ;)

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