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Gaming is past is zenith?

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Hey guys


So I relapsed a while back, and bought an Xbox One. If you were looking for some motivation, here are a few thoughts I had, FWIW. I must say, in my opinion, gaming is regressing, and frankly, gaming simply isn't worth it anymore.

Like any new generation of console, the sensory experience is far superior to the previous. If graphics and cinematic were the only standard by which we judged games, and the only reason why we are drawn to games, then sure, the Xbox One and PS4 is the new apex. But there is so much more to it then that. 

We game for a number of reasons. Myself, I have been drawn the the single player RPGs and FPSs. Games like the Elder Scroll and Fallout series were the pinacle. The sense of adventure, wandering, exploring. It was rewarding with the MANY hours of grinding it took to do anything useful in game. Games like the (old) Resident Evil chapters had such an unbelievably complex story line, you had to play it several times over to experience the whole story from all it's angles. 


I began to notice a trend with the PS2/Xbox era. While there were some great titles in that time, things were changing. That was, of course, the internet. This allowed multiplayer games to be played over great distances. Multiplayer had been around forever, but prior to that, it was a social thing that you did with friends together. I lived in a poor rural area at that time, so our internet sucked, so I never got on the online bandwagon until later. But in high school, my friends and I would go over to eachothers houses and play together for many hours on end. It was great. Now nearing 30, my friends have dropped the controllrs long ago, but I still find myself wanting to play. So I started to play online in the PS3/360 era. Games were much more accommdating for online multiplayer, but the storylines were staring to fade. There were still some great ones like Fallout New Vegas, but overall, better graphics and better multiplayer, but at the cost of substance and value.

This trend has continued into the XB1/PS4, but its degradation has been very accelerated. If you take a step back, they games today are all the same. Multiplayer is now the focus, instead of the game itself. They all have the same lobby setup, they all have the same reward structure, they all have a ridiculous system of buying coins or points to do stuff. If it'  a shooter, they all have the same unlockable utterly absurd skins and charms for your gun. It's all just a shameless money pit now. Lol, look at the Battlefront debacle. It's nothing more than the terrible mobile games, just with better graphics. 

There is also the element of casualization. Games used to be hard. You used to have to work for something. Elder Scrolls is the perfect example. In Morrowind, dungeon crawling meant you would have to spend and hour and a half aimlessly navigating and incredibly complex cave with a ton of things that will kill you, just to walk out with 3 gold and an utterly useless weapon. Fast forward to Skyrim, and a cave takes 5 minutes, it' basically a straight line, has weak enemies, and at the end is a huge pile of gold or whatever. It' not rewarding anymore, because it' not challenging. 

In short, in my opinion, todays games are lacking. The stories are not nearly submersive, you don' have to grind anymore when you can just buy tokens, and if you want to play solo, too bad. I just downloaded Rainbow6 Siege, and I have yet to find a story mode... WTF. 

There are plenty of reasons to quit gaming, but I have one more to add to the list. They all suck these days. 



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Yeah I haven't played too many online games in my lifetime.  Just one MMORPG, Skyrim, and FallOut New Vegas.  I got bored of Skyrim and FallOut pretty quickly.  The one game I lingered in for five years was an MMORPG.  I stayed in it partly for the social aspect, and also because the freakin' expansions they kept adding on provided me with a glimmer of hope that things would change.  But it became the SAME GRIND, the relentless time-consuming tasks and deeds to complete, and the forced grouping for raids. 

Now that I think about it, I also believe I left that MMORPG because I was just SO FREAKING FED UP of all the damn grind.  And the raiding.  My God.  That was a mind-numbing experience.  Anyway.  I won't get into that.  It was just....brutal to my mind, my body, and screwed up my sleep patterns.


I join you in the rant that yes....they all suck these days.


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I disagree. You're just looking at the wrong games, although I'm not going to name them here. I don't want to dispell your negative outlook towards games, but since you're opening this topic I might as well chip in because I'm procrastinating haha. Gaming has become a big industry and as with any big money business that has to cater to a broad audience, the goal is to minimize risk, not maximize the product quality. This is the same in music, movies, any entertainment industry, but also food, fashion, etc... If the industry is big enough, the most popular things are garbage. Think McDonalds, Justin Bieber, Star Wars: Battlefront etc. You have to look a bit deeper for quality, but trust me it is there. 

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