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Need advice quick

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So when I was gamer i had backed this game on Kickstarter well they have new kickstarter and I’m very tempted to give in to it but keep telling myself it not worth it live it trap. I’m not even following them on kickstarter either. 

Seems like every time I get away from gaming something pops ups and reminds me I need to get rid of it. 

I really don't want to give inland an weighing options. 

1.delete Kickstarter and start a new one 

2.give in to my urged


I've kept most gamer friend not following but stayed friends but I need advicE quick.

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This is the real world.  Just like alcoholics that have to walk by liquor stores, we have to live in a world where there are lots of games.  Just think of games as poison, and it gets easier to resist the temptation.  

Imagine how this all plays out.

  1. You give to the kickstarter
  2. They flop like 90% of all kickstarter campaigns.
    1. problem solved.
  3. They release and you get the super-early adopter mega pack or whatever they are offering.
    1. the game is way less cool than you anticipated, you regret spending the money
      1. you can stick around hoping it will eventually get better - wasting years of your life.
      2. you quit and lose all the time and money you put in.
    2. The game is awesome and you waste years of your life on it.  You have no friends, your job sucks, and now you've missed out on a big chunk of your real life.

Note there is no outcome here that is "You become successful, are in great health, and have a wonderful life."  you're just peeing your TEM (time energy and money) down a hole.

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I decide against it because it would not add any value to me so what I don't have a collection there no point having it if it does not benefit me in some way. 

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