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Oak lee

escape to reality day 40 or so

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today i got my car

im going to repeat that cause even i have a hard time believing it


me and my father dragged her 200 miles and spent 13 hours working on driving loading, renting a trailer, and securing the car down

i sat in it tonight as she sat in my drive way, at first it felt wrong, for so long i had ridden passenger with my mother, and very few times i had been behind the wheel but this time it was different.  i was the owner and not a single time more was i going to sit passenger in this car, i sat back looking at my flexed hand gripping the steering wheel and leaned back looking around the outside of the car. 

im tired but i set my alarm im going to ride this shit as long as i can i figure i can get my license in...hell.....2 weeks? 

things are not just moving but are moving fast, i need to get a job. i need to get a job i need to get a job. i keep saying that to myself. i should be able to drive on my own by the end of next month. 

my freedom is closer than ever 


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