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I'd like to recommend an app - Overdrive.

I got onto it through work, but have since dabbled in it quite a bit and signed up to a new library on the weekend to access more books.

It's essentially access to a library's collection of ebooks, journals and audiobooks for free (well my 2 libraries are free!)

It's a great alternative to Audible to save a few bucks. I have been comparing the selection of Audible to Overdrive in the last week and I have been suitably impressed.

The biggest difference is how you obtain books. I have tested this primarily with audiobooks, but with Overdrive, after you login with your library it will tell you how many copies of each title are available (1, 4, etc) and how many are borrowed. If for example one title is completely out, you can place a hold on it, so then you automatically borrow it when another member has returned their copy. I see this as similar to eBay's max bid option - where you can set a price and forget about it.

The app will also tell you where you are in the queue, for example if 3 people have a hold on the book before you, and how long until you can expect to be able to borrow the book. For example, if your library's default loan time is 1 week, and there is 3 people in the queue before you, then you can expect to have the book in 3 weeks. This allows you to plan out your reading schedule.

Of course the advantage Audible has over Overdrive is you can have any title you want when you want it - but I guess money talks. I have been using the hold system to map out what to read and give myself deadlines for it - and as a result have read a lot more books this year than I anticipated (I have read 5 books so far in a little over a week and have 5 more on the horizon).

I am not really sure how Libby works, if that is just a search function for libraries within your area or not, but I will investigate when I am through some of my study.

Check it out, you have nothing to lose!

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