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HYPOTHETICAL - How Would the World Change if EVERYONE Quit Gaming TOMORROW?


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Coming into this movement, this is something that I've been thinking about. Gaming, over the past decade or so, has really exploded. With the rise of the internet came the rise of online gaming, which brought upon game streaming, MMO's, and competitive online e-sports. The invention of consumer touchscreen devices, smartphones, and tablets, has revolutionized the ability for people to game literally ANYWHERE, and view gaming through whatever lens they desire; entertainment, community, or competition. 

Gaming has quickly grown into the most profitable entertainment medium in the world, which makes it a bit strange when I realize that I'm just one person stepping out of it, even though there will inevitably be dozens of young children being raised to take my place. 

So I beg the question: how would the world change if the entire world decided to drop gaming all together? What would happen? I guess it's a pipe dream, though. You can only really help someone so much if they don't want to help themselves. Anyways, here's to GameQuitters growing and expanding in 2016. I'll be here.

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I'm not sure. I imagine on some level because gaming is just a way to numb ourselves people would just go to what they know next best. You see that a lot when people quit gaming and end up just watching streams. Push gaming aside for a moment and I believe in the U.S. adults still watch an average of six hours of TV/night. 

So the real question in my mind revolves more around how do we help people avoid the need to numb - whether that's with gaming, porn, sex, food, TV, alcohol, work, etc. 

Part of that answer has to do with helping people become more self-aware and develop more emotional mastery. For instance, in your second last entry where you discuss being bored. For many years I imagine you've seen boredom as bad. But what if boredom was just natural and neither good nor bad, just an experience you're having that you can step back from (in perspective) and engage differently - instead of having to escape it, run from it, numb from it.

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