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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Dont think parents will agree


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Hey Itsaproaching,

before you try to convince them, you should become clear for yourself why you want to quit.  If you now how gaming it affects you in a bad way, then write it down (here or inprivate). Only if you now the reasons your parents have a chance to understand you.

If that first step is gone talk to them about your feelings toward gaming and explain them what benefits you hope to reap from this detox. I would sell it as an experiment. 90 days to break old habits and to see if you feel better. I would focus on your feelings and try to open up to them why you suffering with games and want to become gamefree. But this is hard because it needs vulnerability.

So maybe you want to go with the logical argument whcih is compelling too:

  1. As long you don't come around and ask for more substantial money for other activities it won't cost them anything.
  2. The money is spent either way. What ever you do now doesn't affect them.
  3. Less time gaming means more time studying and increases the possibility of success in school/university/life.
  4. They have no right to choose what you do in your free time as long as it doesn't affect them immediatly or is setting your well beeing at risk.
  5. It is just an experiment. Chances are high that you go back to games after the detox anyway in a healthier way (if you actually do that doesn't matter for the argument)
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I guess I'm a jerk. My argument is that they shouldn't have payed for something that would harm their child's productivity like that. 

Just put everything away during your detox for now and see how you feel after it. 

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