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[DETOX] Adventure books. To game or not to game.


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A while ago I thought I'd donated my dice from when I used to play DnD, and I was sad about this. But today I found them. I'd wanted them so I could roll stats for the adventure books I have (Steve Jackson/Ian Livingstone). I still really want to replay these books, especially now that I have the dice, but I don't know if that is such a good idea during the detox. On the one hand they aren't a video game, on the other hand they aren't social like board games either. So.. what to do? I guess it depends on the individual, but I'm curious to hear what others think. 

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Hey, I loved those books! I had six of them when I was younger and they got me in to tabletop RPG, which is awesome.!

As for your question, I wouldn't read them during the detox. Grab a fantasy book of you want to dive in a fantasy world.

A few of the fighting fantasy book have been made in to mobile apps. Same experience of the book, but the book keeping is automatic. I got one of them. Although it was great to revisit the forest of doom, it felt A LOT like gaming.

You will notice it as soon as you get a bad ending.

Go through the detox without them. Show yourself you can stay 3 months away from any form of game. The books will still be there after the detox, then you can read and judge them by yourself.

Meanwhile, read something else or play the good old tabletop with a bunch of friends :)


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@Reno F Yeah my thinking was leaning that way too, as much as I really wanna play them, it would probably be wise not to. I have the forest of doom :P They were actually my dad's when he was a kid and he gifted them to me years ago. I'm currently reading through Pratchett's Discworld books so I'll just stick to them for now; there's more than enough of them to see me through the detox :P I do really enjoy tabletop games with friends, I should probably arrange a meet up rather than just sitting waiting to be invited to one..

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