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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

One week today.

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12 years ago I told my girlfriend that it was just a phase and I'd quit soon.

We got engaged, I told her that I'd quit when we got married.

We got married, I told her I'd quit when I have another hobby or we buy a house for me to work on.

We bought a house and I told her I'd quit before we have kids because I didn't want to be a loser dad. 

We had our first kid. My wife spent a lot of time nursing the baby and going to bed early because she was tired. I kept playing because I had nothing else to do in my downtime. 

I told her I'd quit before I turn 30. Turned 30 and had a second kid. Still playing. 

I work a full time job and a handful of times I snuck to the nearby internet cafe to play a quick game on my lunch break - pretty sure I would have got fired if work found out. I knew I was addicted but always thought I could stop whenever I want.

Thankfully, it all came to an end last week when my good friend sent me a text message asking to play a quick one. I responded, 'sure give me a few minutes'.. I quickly tried to sort out the kids & dismiss my wife's desire to hang out together.. about 20 minutes passed and I finally sat down at the computer. I messaged my buddy and said 'ready!'.. he responded angrily with 'wtf man I was ready 20 minutes ago ffs! I'm busy watching Netflix now.' 

At this moment it all hit me. I finally realised what I was doing to myself and my relationships. 

It took some courage and a moment of hesitation, but I asked my wife to take away my computer cables and hide them somewhere that I won't find them. 

I've been cold turkey for a week now and it actually feels great. I've spent more time with my kids and wife then ever before. More sex because we are going to bed together at the same time. Less anger in my body from online raging at people. 

I'm confident that I'm done for good. There have been many moments where I realised I would have played, but because it's not an option I am easily able to forgo the desire. 

I have also realised that my 'friend' has been talking to me a lot less since I told him I quit. We used to play hours every night together and talk about gaming regularly during catch-ups. But I think now that he doesn't have a buddy to feed his addiction with, he probably feels bad and cannot control his addiction without support. I hope I can help him soon.

I'd like to encourage anyone else on this path to consider where you are going. 

Thanks for this forum. 

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