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Hello there!

I have just joined this forum recently, and for a fact many of the statements hit me like a truck. As a mobile gamer (don't you haters say anything :D) I was frequently indulged in shooting games and whatever digital which was fun. It was a dangerous path for me since I could be addicted at anything (except smoking, adultery, drugs... DEFINITELY :/) I am a local Chinese from Malaysia, and whilst studying in middle school, and I want to share a quick experience as to my progress towards quitting gaming:

I was eleven back then, and (since my school is international) I just went up to Form One. Many students from different schools came by, and I got my first smartphone from my parents. 

Like many starters, I started off with a determination that I shouldn't use the phone for gaming. When I was even younger I used to play Star Wars Commander on my iPad, and one of the only things that pulled me back to the right track was the guidance and lessons of my parents. 

As months went by, my focus started to swivel. The Google Play Store was like a heaven of games, full of a BIG RANGE from first person shooters to MOBAs. I wasn't aware of it's effects back then, since I was a daredevilish fellow. At school, friends would recommend me which games were fun, (and like the articles I have read from GameQuitters), they bonded my social relationships in school. However, it always stayed within that circle. I was as blind as a bat, and peer influence always pulled me back in. 

Just like the famous sayings have gone, "Actions speak louder than words." Once again my parents started to see me change in my appearance, my emotions, my attitude. I was like a different person. I didn't feel that I lost another few dozens of friends out there who may have been better off gaming. 

My attempts to quit going in the past failed several times, if it wasn't because of the desire for the procrastination to just "play for a while more." But as I played more and more, I realised something. It started to bore me out. It made my connection with my family even distant. My eyes started to widen at it's side effects. Several years of gaming out of real life for nothing. My grades stayed within the B-A* Range, but I could feel it dropping like lightning (Not at 3000000 kilometers per second). Even though my gamer friends seemed to pull me back (even on Discord) I realised that they were also the blind bats I once was. 

A change had to be done of course, so I spent lots of time finding for effective ways of improving my focus, reducing addiction and one of the best motives that brought me was GameQuitters. I'm not kidding but, I'm really impressed. I thought that it was going to be a long long way before I could find a group of people who were determined to quit. But hey presto, here's the bunch. I'm turning thirteen this year, and after my school Chinese New Year break ending today, I will walk out to the open with a brand, fresh new start: NO MORE GAMES. 

(PS Now my motives is to stay away from games 110%. I just played the last round of games a few hours ago and literally deleted all the addicting ones. No more friends will pull me back. What I need now is only guidance and advice. I really put my hopes and trust to this forum!)

If my parents could know my appreciation I wonder how happy they will be. To be honest they were the ones who still believed I could change my attitudes in gaming and likewise social media. I have already quit social media as a first, now games are my second goal. ACHIEVE VICTORY, NO GAMES COMPLETELY! 

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Basically, to people who have achieved a far milestone, this is only my first step. As I would further progress on my quitting, I would find more ways to rebuild it on gaming. Currently I learn piano and am Grade 5, with a theory exam coming up next month. I'm wondering if that could help with my addiction breaking? 

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