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Dave's Journal (WIP)


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Day 1

So this morning I purchased the full course, and along with it uninstalled Steam from my laptop. The only game I had left installed on Steam was The Witcher 3 and the last time I played it was last night. Unfortunately I didnt get to finish it, but at least I purchased it while it was on sale. So right now the only game I have left on my laptop is the Sims 4 which ill keep incase me and the girlfriend want to build a fancy house using the money cheat haha..

First day without gaming! Did some sculpting on ZBrush, worked on a t-shirt design, and substitute entertainment with Netflix :)

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Day 2, 3, & 4

Been a bit slack with updating this journal as Ive kept myself busy over the weekend, and not a single game involved! Although when I woke up yesterday the first thing I wanted to do was dive into the Witcher 3. Mind you it would be a nuisance having to reinstall steam along with the Witcher 3!

The problem with me is that I found it hard in the past to restrict my time when gaming - 1 hour commitment became 2 hours and even longer.. I might look into meditation apps to keep my mind off it, and if all go's well i'll let everyone know. :)

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